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Troubleshooting Your Hearing Aid

Hearing aids are only helpful if they’re functioning properly, and occasionally they don’t. The most common problems are whistling (feedback) from the hearing aid or no sound at all. If your hearing aid isn’t functioning properly here are some tips on Troubleshooting Your Hearing Aid: No sound coming from the hearing aid (You can check by cupping it in your hand next to your ear. It should whistle a bit when it’s functioning properly). Check the battery. Start with the easiest thing to eliminate: Is the battery dead? Hearing aid batteries typically last a week to 10 days. When was the battery last changed? Try a new battery. If the aid comes back to life, wonderful! If the aid doesn’t come back to life then try something else. Don’t try more than one new battery; it’s probably not the issue. Is the sound outlet plugged with wax or debris? Almost…

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