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International Ear Care Day: Make Listening Safe

Today is International Ear Care Day, which aims to increase awareness and promote ear and hearing care around the world. The World Health Organization is launching a new campaign, “Make Listening Safe”, with the goal of preventing noise induced hearing loss in young people and promoting safe listening habits. Noise induced hearing loss in the only preventable cause of hearing loss. Here are some tips from the WHO campaign to keep listening safe:

  • Keep volume levels down (on personal audio devices, wear ear plugs in noisy venues)
  • Limit time spent in noisy activities (take short listening breaks, move away from loud sounds, limit the use of personal audio devices to less than one hour per day)
  • Know the warning signs of hearing loss (ringing in the ears, difficulties hearing high pitched sounds, or difficulty hearing on the phone or in background noise)
  • Monitor safe listening levels through use of smart phone apps
  • Get regular hearing check-ups

Hearing loss from noise exposure is completely preventable. By practicing safe listening behaviours you can protect your hearing for life.

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