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Is there funding for hearing aids?

Every senior over 65 years living in Alberta is eligible for $900 for hearing aid funding every five years through the Alberta Aids to Daily Living program. Depending on income, some individuals may be eligible for $2400. Our office can help you determine if you are eligible and assist in the application process.

If hearing loss is determined to be related to occupational noise exposure funding may be available through the Workers’ Compensation Board.

How much do hearing aids cost?

Advances in hearing aid technology means there are now good hearing solutions for every budget. The price of a hearing aid is essentially determined by the level of technology in the hearing aid. An entry level hearing aid will be less expensive but will have fewer advanced features. A more advanced hearing aid will have the latest technologies available to enhance hearing in difficult listening situations. Our audiologists can help you in determining which level of technology is best suited for your life style and budget.

Do I need two hearing aids?

A lot of people ask if they can get just one hearing aid. If you have aidable hearing loss in both ears, it is important to wear two hearing aids. Our brain requires equal input from both ears to tell where sounds are coming from. Balanced hearing from both ears is essential to allow speech to be heard more clearly and with less effort, especially in background noise.

Additionally, many of today’s newest hearing aid technologies feature advances in binaural technology. In these devices the left and right hearing aids exchange information wirelessly, enhancing the sound quality of the aids.

My hearing loss is normal for my age, so do I really need hearing aids?

It is common to experience hearing loss as we get older. In fact, over half of all Canadians over 65 will experience some degree of hearing loss. However, just because hearing loss is a normal part of aging it doesn’t mean you have normal hearing. Untreated hearing loss can have a significant impact quality of life, by causing: withdrawal from social activities, embarrassment, frustration, loneliness, anxiety and even depression. The right hearing solution can help you stay active and participate fully in things you enjoy.

I know I have a hearing loss but I’m getting along fine without hearing aids. Why should I get hearing aids?

Hearing loss is most often a gradual progression. Individuals and their loved ones learn to accommodate to the hearing loss over time, often unaware of the extra effort necessary to compensate for the hearing loss. So even though you think you are coping well enough without a hearing aid it may be significantly impacting you and your family and friends.

Additionally, if you go a long time without hearing sound normally it’s more difficult to adjust to hearing aids when you do decide to get them. This is because of auditory deprivation. Untreated hearing loss causes the auditory centres of the brain to receive less stimulation resulting in decreased ability to process sounds and a decline in speech understanding over time. Early treatment of hearing loss with hearing aids helps to prevent this decline in speech processing.

How often do I need a hearing test?

Individuals with hearing loss should have their hearing monitored on an annual basis. This is especially true if you wear hearing aids, as hearing can change over time it’s important ensure your aids are programmed appropriately for your hearing loss.

How long do hearing aids last?

The typical lifespan of a hearing aid is approximately 5 years. Hearing aids can last longer depending on care and maintenance, and hearing aids over five year old may be appropriate if they are in good working order and are still providing good benefit for your hearing loss. Most manufacturers will not repair hearing aids older than 5 years.

What if I try hearing aids and I don’t like them?

All hearing aids come with a minimum 30 day trial period. It’s important that you try the hearing aid in your own environment. If you’re not finding benefit from the hearing aid you can try a different style or technology, or return it at the end of the trial period.

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