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Hearing Aids Calgary

There are wide-ranging options available in hearing aid size, shape, colour, performance level and price.

Thanks to continuous research and development in the hearing aid industry, hearing aids are constantly improving with new advancements and features to help you hear your best. Dr. Lussier and Dr. Korble pride themselves on keeping up with the most recent advances in hearing aid technology and will help you determine which hearing aids are best suited to your individual needs.

Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing Aid Styles The most discreet style of hearing aid. Fits deeper in the canal, making it virtually invisible. Due to the deep placement in the ear canal, sound can be collected more naturally from the shape of the outer ear (the pinna).

Best for: Mild to moderately-severe hearing losses…

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Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing Aid Technology Advances in hearing aid technology means there are now wide-ranging options for hearing aid users, which ensures they are receiving the best fit for their individual listening needs, personal preference, lifestyle, and budget. The most advanced hearing devices have the latest technologies available…

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