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Types of Hearing Aids

IIC Invisible-in-canal

IIC Invisible-in-canalThe most discreet style of hearing aid. Fits deeper in the canal, making it virtually invisible. Due to the deep placement in the ear canal, sound can be collected more naturally from the shape of the outer ear (the pinna).

Best for: Mild to moderately-severe hearing losses

CIC Completely-In-The-Canal

CIC Completely-In-The-CanalTiny custom style hearing aid that sits deep in the ear canal offering very good cosmetics and comfort.

Best for: Mild to moderately-severe hearing losses.


ITC In-The –Canal

03This custom style hearing aid fills the concha of the ear. Due to the slightly larger size of the hearing aid, it offers controls such as volume control adjustments if desired.

Best for: mild to severe hearing losses


ITE In-The-Ear

ITE In-The-EarThis custom style hearing aid fills the outer ear. It is often chosen when finger dexterity is a concern as it can accommodate a larger battery and due to its larger size is often easier to insert.

Best for: mild to severe hearing losses.


BTE Behind-The-Ear

ITE In-The-EarThis style rests behind the ear and attaches via a tube to a custom earmold that sits in the ear. This style offers the greatest power solution when necessary. All of the electronics sit outside the ear and are not exposed to the moisture and earwax in the ear canal which generally reduces repairs.

Best for: mild to profound hearing losses

RITE Receiver-In-The-Ear

RITE Receiver-In-The-EarThis style has a small portion that sits behind the ear and a receiver in the ear canal. This allows the overall size of the portion behind the ear to be more discreet and improves the sound quality in the ear. This is the most common style of hearing aids fit today.

Best for: mild to severe hearing losses.


This style is used for people who have unaidable hearing in one ear and normal hearing or a less severe hearing loss in the other ear. This type of hearing aid uses a microphone on the poorer ear and transmits sound wirelessly to the better ear.


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