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Hearing Aid Technology in Calgary

Advances in hearing aid technology means there are now wide-ranging options for hearing aid users, which ensure they are receiving the best fit for their individual listening needs, personal preference, lifestyle, and budget. The most advanced hearing devices have the latest technologies available to customise individual preferences, enhance sound quality, and optimize hearing in difficult listening situations.

Hearing Aid Technology

There have been tremendous advances in the appearance and function of hearing aids in the past decade improving the overall sound quality and performance. Some of these advancements include:

  1. Extended Bandwidth: Today’s hearing aids amplify out to a much higher frequency than previously possible. This allows for improved speech understanding, better sound quality and better hearing in background noise.
  2. Directional microphone: Microphone technology has improved significantly over the years allowing for better performance in noisy situations such as restaurants, meetings and family gatherings. Highly directional microphones allow for better understanding of the speech in front of you while rejecting some of the ambient sounds occurring to the sides and behind.
  3. Binaural Technology: many of today’s newest hearing aid technologies feature advances in binaural technology. In these devices the left and right hearing aids exchange information wirelessly, enhancing the sound quality of the aids.
  4. Noise Management: Today’s advanced hearing aids offer automatic reduction of the level of noises to give you a more comfortable listening experience in noisy environments.

Bluetooth Technology

Some of the newest innovations in hearing aid technology involve connecting hearing aids to other devices such as mobile phones, home phones, televisions and portable music player – often wirelessly using Bluetooth technology. This technology allows a direct connection to these devices so you can hear them as clearly as possible without upsetting or interfering with the listening of others around you. This makes watching TV, listening to music, video chatting and talking on the phone simpler than ever before.

FM Systems

Whenever noise, distance and reverberation are present, even the best hearing instruments need an extra boost. Whether it’s in a classroom, living room or leisure centre, FM systems bridge the distance between speaker and hearing aid user and significantly improve the signal-to-noise ratio by sending the signal directly to the hearing aid user’s ears.

Hearing Aid Technology


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