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Custom Earmolds For Hearing Protection

Custom Earmolds For Hearing ProtectionWestside Audiology offers Custom Earmolds For Hearing Protection in all environments including Swim Plugs, Sleep Molds, Earbud Molds and Hearing Protection for Musicians. Contact our specialists today if you have any questions!



Hearing Protection

For individuals who are exposed to noisy occupational or recreational situations

Swim Plugs

Comfortable, secure and waterproof custom swim molds help to keep the ear dry while swimming or bathing

Sleep Molds

Perfect for light sleeper or travelers, custom sleep molds are designed to be comfortable and have better retention while sleeping

Hearing Protection for Musicians

Designed to provide flat attenuation to maintain the integrity of sound

Earbud Molds

Custom fit earbuds for better retention and comfort with all your personal listening devices


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